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Prowell Technology

What Makes Prowell Outstand Others:
ISC Technology

The ISC technology is a ground-breaking inside-out scooping molding method exclusive to Prowell's EPU In-Mold2 production. The ISC breaks the limits of conventional method and results in much bigger and deeper internal air channels. These large and deep internal air channels by the ISC technology not only greatly improve the ventilation but largely reduce the weight. New possibilities become available with this cutting-edge technology.

S.M.A.R.T. Profile

Combining the superior strength of EPU In-Mold2 Monobody and the creativeness by ISC technology, a totally new helmet profile was born. The S.M.A.R.T. (Superlight-Manoeuvring Aerodynamic-Revamping Technology) is lighter, thinner and more compact than any helmet before, of top-notch lightweight and ventilation performance. The compact helmet also looks distinctively smart on the wearer's head, compared to those bulky and stupid-looking helmets from the stone age.


REVentilation Design

REVentialtion means for RAM-air Enhanced Ventilation, an innovative
all-new design brought by our exclusive ISC technology. The REV design puts two big "air ducts" on top of the wearer's head, offering the capacity to collect the uprising heat. The big front opening intakes the fresh&cool air and pressures the heat out of the helmet more efficiently than anything else.

Web-Rib Strut

The Web-Rib Strut provides an absolutely awesome strength that never happened before and improves the overall shock-absorbing performance! It also enlarges the contacting area to the wearer's head and noticeably releases the pressure more evenly,
accomplishing a higher safety and a more secure&comfy fit.